Saturday, September 10, 2005

late nights

Making an airport run in about 10 minutes and I'm frustraded and tired. Picking up a person I've never met before and so really looking forward to standing out in the cold for awhile waiting for her to come out and not be sure who I'm looking for. Thought this guest was coming from Amsterdam and so have been checking flight schedules that start out in english but on the next click switch to whatever is the predominant language of Amsterdam. Turns out she is flying in from Frankfurt. At least that is what I'm choosing to believe as the flight she says she is taking doesn't exist out of A.

It is new year's day tomorrow here in Salasalu. Nice really. Boys in the streets tonight with dried cactus branches that they were setting on fire. It's their answer to fireworks- not exactly OSHA approve. But its fun to watch them have fun. The folks next door have been cooking all day. Slaughtered the goats (I think they had 2!!) this morning and then cooking all day. Most be having a lot of company tomorrow. We can look over the wall from our upstairs so I've been peaking in on the ladies all day. They brought over a bottle of "Sewa" which is essentially home brew and a round of hambasha (a thick heavy white pan bread- delicious). Very kind. I thought I would bring them banana oatmeal cookies tomorrow with a cheerful "Hadesh Amet" (happy new year). I'm going over to a friend's house tomorrow so I think I will take the home brew there. Whatever else would we do with it?

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