Monday, September 19, 2005

cleaning finish

Last few weeks have passed quite quickly. Getting things in their final locations after all of the collecting and moving of the summer. Jonathan tackled the upstairs and I laid into the office. Sounds like inequality doesn't it? but our office was a wrecking ground. Presently the shelves are even in logical order. @ like to attack the bottom two shelves and so there contents is empty 2 ring binders. Two nice things came out of this moving about: 1) we now have a 2 drawer file cabinet!! We've wanted and needed one for quite sometime but it wasn't possible. The 2 drawer file cabinets here are all over a 200USD and we just didn't think we could part with that for a file cabinet. But when our friends left we convienently borrowed/ purchased theirs. Yay, the paper is now safe from @ hands and dust (which curiously seems to ride together). 2) Jonathan bought us a satellite dish with desktop computer. Now Jonathan has a computer and I have one and we don't have to try to make time to be on or off. I've gotten a ton of stuff done in the last week. And the other out of this world thing, the satellite dish gets American programs. I get to watch the ABC early morning news around noon here. I completely love knowing what is going on in the world again. Its my new favorite thing. We have also managed so far (please pray) to not become complete tv junkies. I watch the news and do some business work. After @ goes to bed we check what is on for the evening, we have actually shut it off and read books. This is good news so far.

At this moment I was hoping to post a picture but the blog this icon on the toolbar doesn't seem to have that feature. Hmmm.
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