Wednesday, September 28, 2005

cooking gas line

Waited in line for an eternity yesterday and today. 2 ½ hours yesterday, another 2 ½ today. The upside: I did get the gas tank dropped off. Don’t really know when I will be able to pick up the filled tank. The man said that I should come back next week.
“What day?”
“Come check.”
So I’ll check back everyday next week. Pretty sure I will be waiting a whole lot more. The good side to all of this is that this shop is down the street from our house so I don’t have to go and find a parking place and wait in line only to find out I should come back another day.

Have I told you about cooking gas here? You can buy one of two kinds of “cookers” stoves, electric or gas. There are a few that have an extra burner of the second variety but electric is so expensive that you really don’t want to use it. So you get these cooking gas tanks. Necessity mandates having at least two, so that you can have one to use while the other is getting filled. Anymore three seems to be the bare minimum because it takes so long to get the refill back that you very well could go through two tanks waiting for the third. I’m thankful to have three and am seriously thinking about getting a fourth. The tanks are a bit bigger than the propane tanks you would get for your grill. There are different varieties, shell and agip, that take different regulator heads. There are different sizes 13.5ltr, going up to 20. Standard size is 13.5. Any heavier and I wouldn’t be able to lift the thing. I can barely lift the full 13.5 (for you tough guys, I don’t see many men who don’t struggle with the 13.5).

Sunburned and exhausted by 10:30 a.m. Decided to wait until this afternoon to go grocery shopping. Thought that with my level of frustration at the moment it would be safer to wait, lest I run down the nice people in the street.
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