Friday, September 23, 2005

Had the most vivid dream from above last night. Its morning and I still feel the excited that curls my toes, just the overall energy of the thing that leaves me wondering at the Goodness.

So I have these friends that are waiting to adopt little ones from overseas. One couple has seen that dream realized and they now have a south korean little boy named ben. Very exciting. They got him in april or may and he will be one this coming november.

Anyway this dream. We were in the states and for some reason we were in the same hotel that these two couples were in. They were staying there because the next day that is where they would meet their kids and get to bring them home (I know it doesn't work that way in reality). We all stayed up most of the night together visiting. The energy and excitement was really almost too much for all of us. The next morning we got to be in the hotel's conference room as we waited for each of the couples to be called in turn to meet thier kids. Our friends Steve and Dawn were getting a little boy from Uganda. They got called first and after about 15 minutes came back in. He was this beautiful boy, the deep shade of black that is almost blue. With a happy warm smile- He was something like 1. Then my other friends got called and I looked at Leah and she was just over the moon, you could see it in every bit of her face and even Jason was just enraptured. They met their little girl who was this shy looking little Asian girl. She was wearing a yellow dress and she had braided pigtails. I think maybe she was 1 but she was standing over against the wall. Leah and Jason just sat and talked to her (yeah the age thing doesn't work but this is the product of dreams). I took a million pictures. I couldn't take them fast enough. But at the same time I was so happy I was crying. We were all crying and smiling and knowing this was the work of Above.

Thinking about it now I know why I dreamed this. A girlfriend of mine here resigned from her job and is going home in 2 weeks to be with her son. She has a 16 months old son that she hasn't really seen since 2 months after giving birth to him. While she has been here she has missed him and ached for him every minute of everyday. So she is going home to be with her son and when she told me there was nothing I could do but cry with thankfulness that her family will be reunited. I went to sleep happy about families reuniting because I know that is THE plan. Even now my insides are crying with happiness about this pending reunification and the reunification I see happening for these other families.

So the picture is one of the men in my life that I couldn't live without. He wakes up this way every morning. Smiling, talking and standing in bed, telling us about his life. The thing to really be thankful for is that the picture doesn't include smell.
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