Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Lots of odds and ends going on.
Reading: latest online news sources, local paper, Grain of Wheat Ngugii wa Thinong'o, Real Questions, Real Answers About Sex Dr. Lewis and Melissa McBurney
Laughing: this commercial on ONE TV network for a company that makes window treatments. The theme music is Magnum PI and the window treatments are suitable "for your palace, villa, hotel or showrooms. Only from Sedar Emirates." Cracks me up everytime.
Watching: reruns of "Dark Angel", "Smallville" and "Do Over" (anybody ever seen "Do Over"? Its show that lasted like 5 minutes in the states about a guy that is somehow shifted from 1994 to 1980. Yeah, its a great show).
Drinking: spiced tea from tea leaves. Our ration inculdes a 1/2 lb box of tea leaves. We're drinking lots of tea.
Eating: Date Nut Coffee loaf, flextarian recipes from More with Less, and The Enchanted Brocolli Forest
Listening: @ making Finch sounds and Chris Rice "Living Room Sessions"
Meetings: Contigency plans and strategies
Visiting: Farewell parties for friends who have had to leave
Obsessing: Inventories, Emergency preparedness, Flextarian cooking, Scrapbook sites
Dreaming: Vacation
Playing: homemade playdoh with @
Making: homemade yogurt, lentil samosas
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