Monday, October 17, 2005

Why I hate Byron Grimes

I hate Byron Grimes because he probably understands the relationship of Clark Kent/ Superman to Lex Luthor. I've been watching Smallville quite a bit these days. During Ramadan, OneTV is having Good vs. Evil nights, so I get a nightly dose of Dark Angel and Smallville. I didn't think I would really get into Smallville but boy oh boy are we in deep. Now the problem, I know the Lex is supposed to be a bad guy at some point, but at present he seems like a really good guy. He is clearly manipulative and there is something a little less than clean about him but all in all the guy is ok. Jonathan says that the writers of all of these different Superman spinoffs have taken some liberty with it but that he remember Lex as a bad guy too. Neither of us knows how he becomes a bad guy. He and Clark are pretty good friends.

So I need some help. I'm guessing that the original author of "Why I hate Byron Grimes?" could help us out. I'm guessing that John, Jake, Aaron, Ange, Ken, Jessica, or maybe even Gretchen could help out with this.

Ok now Jonathan is giving me something about how Lex is Nihilistic (which I can spell but don't know what it means) . How Lex is intrigued by Clark. I need a bit more than that. I need the how of becoming a super villan. Is Lex Luthor a Super Villan? Not the nice guy I know from Smallville.

So a little help please.
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