Tuesday, October 25, 2005

new passport craziness

Don't worry, our passports are fine. I was just reading a silly article on New Passports being issued by the US. Now I guess they are putting antenna and biometric data etc in the little things. I don't know, you have to read the article to know all the stuff they are doing with these little documents that have to be carried around with you while you are traveling around the planet. Something about you would only be able to scan them if someone was physically touching them and somehow this is an increased security measure. Yeah, not entirely sure that I buy that. Jonathan will have to be getting a new passport sometime in the next couple of years. I still have a little while on mine due to an "accidental loss". Now as you are reading this article (I really encourage you to, its short and its off Yahoo), consider that I have a passport for the infant. We spent about 3 hours trying to get a good passport picture of @ at something like 12 days old. This passport he was issued will be good for 5 years. When we sent in the paperwork we didn't know what color his hair or eyes were. For hair we still don't. But how silly is it that @ will be travelling on this thing until he is 5!! You all with kids, does the kid you look at right now, look like the 12 day old kid? Yeah, I don't think so. And add to that ridiculousness the fact that the 12 day old "I think his eyes are this, and I think his hair is that" is on a biometrically sensitive passport.

I don't know exactly what I'm driving at here but it was silly to me. I'll continue to think this over.
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