Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ode to melatonin

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The first time I crossed the ocean and came home to Africa I had to take Malaria meds.  Suggested by the dr. but probably not entirely necessary.  So once a week I dose up.  Now Mefloquine often produces odd dreams as a side effect.  For me they were night terrors- the ones that reach out and grab you and hold on.  So after waking up in a cold sweat and yelling one night, my girlfriend Nancy suggested take Melatonin the next night.  Melatonin is supposed to be a natural sleep aid; I guess its the stuff your body produces itself to help you fall asleep.  Well the next night I took some of her melatonin and I had the nicest soundest sleep. I woke up feeling good, not feeling  like my dreams would come out of the closet and bite me.  Now melatonin is part of my road to success when moving between time zones or sleeping during stressful situations.  I try not to take it more than 2 nights in a row in general because I don't want my body to forget to make the real stuff.  So when Jonathan and I are under stress we pop a pill and typically sleep inspite of the stress of life. 
Yesterday afternoon got some stressful news.  Actually an unexpected invitation to an appointment I would really rather not be at.  But when you're invited... you know how it is.  So Jonathan and I took our melatonin.  I slept through the night, doing battle with evil, but coming out the winner.  Jonathan slept 3 hours and i think has been surfing and playing video game since around 2 a.m.  He somehow can fight off the melatonin.  Don't ask me how.
More on the stressful appointment later or by email.
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