Monday, November 21, 2005

more great day stuff

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Outside my office window at the moment is a hummingbird.  This isn't entirely uncommon as I have a honeysuckle vine that twists around right outside the window.  All the same it makes me happy when the hummingbirds come around.  The land on the screen, I worry a little that one day one of them will get his nose stuck in the screen.
Needed to by some English Books this morning for some friends-- 20 friends actually.  Normally I satisfy myself with RSVs even though I don't really love them, they are typically the only thing available in English.  They also have the Good News but that has really never done anything for me.  Well Jonathan bought the GN by mistake, I asked if that was the only thing they had, if maybe he didn't want to think about the RSVs instead.  He stopped back in and upon inquiry as to the RSV, the shopkeep asked if he wanted the NIVs.  The store here NEVER has had NIVs.  NEVER!! I've been in a million times, they told me they don't get them.  Pleasant happy surprise.  I had actually asked some friends if they could bring some in from outside but they had recieved my email too late.  Back to the shop this afternoon to get more.  My plan is to pass them out like trick or treat candy.
I know this won't excite the rest of you but for me this is about as good as it gets.  Saw the preview for the 4th Harry Potter movie last night.  I have to satisfy myself with the preview because the movie won't be coming to a theater near me until they can get some bootlegs this direction.  It probably won't be till summer time.  I know bootlegs are a bad thing, bad for the industry, bad for the consumer.  But it meets some basic needs and so i'm thankful.
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