Monday, November 14, 2005

a week later

Finally wrapped up things from last week today. Got the medical report from the medical director’s secretary, 4 offices and 100LC. Took it out to the traffic office. Come back in the afternoon. Officer T was waiting for me. He wrote up another report, stapled together the file and we set off. 6 offices and 400LC later and I am clear. Funny question though from one of the offices, “Do you know your fault?” Simply, yes. I hit a drunk who walked into my car. “Do you have reason for leniency in your penalty?” No, I have a lot of money compared to most. So 400 LC, can’t complain a bit really.

My dear home girl Chessa sent me the most lovely care package. Really the stuff in it is all good and well but the part that I’m loving is pictures of the nieces and nephews. Awesome. The kids are amazing. And as Tyler is the only other boy a bit informative. @ is looking more like Tyler all the time. Jonathan looks like his dad’s side of the family. His brother Ben looks like his mom’s side. Somehow @ looks a lot like Ben and his son. Goofy. We think it might have been my eyes throwing it off.

Kindermusik today. @ is really catching onto the whole banging on drums business and all of the instruments keeps his interest these days.
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