Monday, November 14, 2005

Tea Times

Reading through my friend Tulip Girl's blog this morning and she was telling me a little about tea. I like tea. We've developed a greater liking for tea over the last few years and I tend to like it sweet. Jonathan drinks hot tea with me in the morning simply because I like having someone to drink a hot beverage with. I'm a morning coffee drinker and an afternoon tea drinker. Its a civilized past time I think.

So go on over to the Portsmouth Tea Company. They have a new blog Tea Times and ya know, its fun to read about what folks are interested in. But the kicker here is this nice person wants to send me a free canister of tea for linking to his site (if I do it by wednesday). So go on over. It gives the guy the fun of having lots of hits to his site and you the fun of daydreaming about tea on a verandah with good conversation.
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