Sunday, December 11, 2005

moving and packing

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So we're in the process of moving.  Yard sale saturday was a huge success (read sold lots of stuff and made lots of money) and a huge disaster (read lots of thieves and vandals).  We're no longer living out our house (read depressing) but that's good because anytime that we spend at the house is a process in ignoring the incessant ringing at the gate.  THE SALE WAS YESTERDAY.  DOES IT LOOK LIKE THERE IS ANYTHING HERE TO BUY!  Yeah I really meant to yell that.  Kids ringing all day.  People wanting information about the truck that they have no intention of buying but they want to know because they're nosy.  So we've been there on and off.  Cleaning out cabinets, giving away tons of food ( I have a tendency to hoard here because most things are here one day gone the next, especially for imports, that's everything).  So its a little embarrassing but I had 7 bottles of ketchup, 10 kilos of sugar,  6 kilos of powdered milk, 8 packages of spaghetti and 5 boxes of milk.  Cleaned out the fridge today too, a job I was living in dread of.  I hate closing out houses in general.  Too many things I don't really know what to do with.
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