Wednesday, December 28, 2005

trips to the dr.

took @ to the dr. today. He had a cold when we left country and it only got worse in the IL cold. So this was the earliest i could get him in. Hard parenting day. We don't feel like we've been great parents in the last month (ok that's mostly me). With so much moving we've been in survival mode and that is where the best parenting is done. So going into the dr. today and finding out that somehow we've missed a series of his vaccines and that he is low on the age norms just reinforces how hard the last month has been.

The good thing about the dr. visit: everyone got flu shots, including mom and dad. Jonathan went to bed early with a sore arm.

Hoping that everyone sleeps through the night tonight. @ has had a tough go with the cold and jet lag. His schedule seems to be back on track but now he wakes up coughing. Started amoxicillin tonight and hope that kicks the ear infection and the cold. Praying for a full night's sleep.

Update on the bags: United stinks. well i guess they only 1/4 stink. 3 bags and a stroller missing. 2 bags and stroller turned up on christmas eve, one bag still mia. The reason they stink is because of their computer answering system that told me today it would be 64 minutes before I could talk to a human. Finally got a human and she put us on hold while she checked the computer, no kidding. so after 5 minutes of being on hold again we had to hang up so we could make the dr's appt. on time.

Something to hold your breath for: working on getting the wireless card installed on our laptop. Jon's folks have wireless in the house but they don't remember the code or password or something like that. We need it to add our wireless card. After we get the wireless hooked up I can start uploading pics from our computer. i'm really getting ready to roll on this whole US fast internet service. Very exciting.
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