Saturday, January 07, 2006

terrific ending

Started this morning early. @ has been sleeping very raggedly the last view nights and so to some extent my day began at 3:00 a.m. By time i was supposed to be functioning at 11:30 (when he woke from his 45 minute morning nap) I was at my wits end. Began the crying part of leaving my home. @ was never like this there, he was so much easier. So because of my utter exhaustion I've begun grieving loosing my home.

Ended today wonderfully. Went to Karen Wheeler's wedding (why hasn't she blogged yet!!) and go to see old friends. Its good to pick up conversations with people like they were just on a short pause, rather than like I hadn't seen then in a year or more. That's what I love about my friends, we never finish conversations, they just hit a pause. Old friends.... smile.

So its 9:30 and I think there are probably quite a number of people still dancing in Peoria but I'm off to bed. @ was out pretty quick when we got him to bed a little before 8:30 (at least I think he was).

tomorrow off to church to see more old friends. Simon and Garfunkle going through my head...
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