Thursday, January 19, 2006

from New Orleans

In New Orleans for a couple of weeks, under the pretext of visiting my sister, but also just to chill a bit. Definitely been good already. Didn't realize how paranoid I really was. Here there are helicopters that fly over the city and they aren't related to a military invasion. Didn't realize how much I had come to associate those things. Still sirens get me, the helicopters unnerve me and typing on this public access computer completely wigs me out. Not suppose to use internet cafe's where I'm from. Sigh...

On the high side. love getting cappucinos again on a regular basis, may have to buy another machine for home. love being part of a neighborhood and a city, if only for a short while. Love walking outside without freezing.

internet cafe's computer is getting ready to kick me off. ciao
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