Monday, April 10, 2006

king size bed

Now I've been thinking of lots of different things to sit down and write about on my blog. Things about family, about the cult of personality, about spring. But something has developed in our house that needs rejoicing. We, yet again, are sleeping in a king size bed. (Hear the world rejoice)

When we were first married we didn't have a bed. What with Thanksgiving, a new job, Christmas, birthday's, a wedding, and a honeymoon bankruptcy/ fire to contend with there was no time for bed shopping. So on our honeymoon in our hotel we had a king size bed. Alot of times these are the last to go in hotels and I don't know why exactly. Anyway we loved it. So when we returned home Jonathan had exams, I had staffings and then that weekend we went bed shopping at the Verlo Mattress Factory in Peoria (5 thumbs up). They made our bed and we recieved a few days after Christmas. We spent about a week on the floor. It was a firm Queen size and we were in love with it. I would hide myself away from the world in it sometimes. I actually daydreamed about my bed, like people do about their Kohler Surround Showers (which I would simply live in).

Three years of bedded bliss and we were moving to Africa. We move our firm Queen to my mom's, who has been sleeping on a wrecked full for a lot of years (it was hit by a car while it was in a house). So we spend a month in Seattle and we sleep on bunk beds. I get the top bunk, Jonathan gets the larger bottom bunk because he stays up later doing homework. I love my top bunk because it takes me back to the 3rd grade. I climb out of bed in the morning and am standing in front of the microwave and kitchen cabinets. Tight accomodations.

We get to Africa in Febuary and we walk into our apartment and we have two military cot twins shoved together. Which all things considered isn't bad, the bar is a little ick and the cotton tick mattress is at best aged. no big thing really. Over time our bedding situation evolves and we have two wooden twins shoved together with two foam mattress on each bed. Effectively making a considerable king size bed. JOY! Again I'm day dreaming about our bed. for a time we went to a full then to a queen but that homemade king is the stuff of legend.
We come to the States and in our house is a saggy queen. Jonathan and I cling to the outer edges because the alternative is landing stuck in the middle. We do however have a king on our porch in "storage". This weekend I finally talked my husband into going to the trouble to take down our saggy queen and install the king in our bedroom. All of this for the low low price of 2 Arby's Beef and Cheddars. Slept on it last night, SHEER JOY AGAIN!! I'm certain the person who was "storing" it here is going to ask for it back any day but until then YAY. Thinking about going back to bed right now.
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