Thursday, March 23, 2006

tuesday's wash

So Tuesday's schedule was a complete wash. I spent Monday evening trying to reach the Burgard's to gracefully bail/ chicken out on them. Kind Mrs. Burgard Sr. called first thing Tuesday morning to invite us not to come to the spfld. area. Mattoon Charleston got 8-9 inches of the white stuff and we were happy not to head into more trouble. Insteda that afternoon we drove to Indy. Not much of a problem. Windy. It was good to wake up in our own bed and start our Wednesday schedule fresh.

Enjoying Women's Bible Study alot. These women all come together on wednesday mornings when we aren't having MOPS and read Proverbs (at least for now) and all these other mom's that have kids and are more grown up than me say really smart, intelligent, wise things about parenting. This week's gem: One woman was talking about how she says to her kids when they are fighting and or when they are having a hard time, she asks them "What is true?" and she encourages them to think on those things. And I was thinking about how often we sit around sad about things and we aren't thinking on TRUTH. Because truth very rarely leaves us feeling depressed or angry. It very rarely leaves us mad at our neighbor or feeling wronged. It often leaves us happier and resting in love. Thinking alot about love and how it covers over, it heals, it keeps no record of wrong. Truth can be very similar.

I need to keep a little book of these parenting gems because sometimes I feel very much like a very yucky parent but truth is I love my family and I try. I screw up but the truth is that we're fairing ok.
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