Friday, April 21, 2006

let's talk about purses

Boys you can still read this but we're going to enter into a topic that really concerns the whole family: the purse/luggage/ bag/tote that the lady of the family carries to keep the family running. If you want to call it a purse fine, but let's get down to brass tacks and face it for what it really is. @ and Jonathan would be destitute on the street if I didn't have my "purse".

Now we're looking at doing so extended travel again and I'm needing more than a purse but less than a 30" pullman. Something like a messenger bag. That could hold wipes, diaper or two, PDA, mobile, wallet, passports, camera, maybe a little water bottle. Anyone carrying one of these at the present? Attach some links to your comments if there are places online to order one. I have my eye on a model from LL Bean but want to see what others are thinking.
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