Sunday, April 30, 2006

phone calls

In general I don't like answering the phone. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. The experiences I've had are bad and typically involve me being removed from a country. Anyway so I get a phone call this morning as I'm getting ready to walk out for MOPS. Its my good friend from TX, family really. Good visit. Invited myself to their daughter's wedding in July. I've never been to TX so I'm pretty excited. Love field trips

Phone rang again today while we were in the car on the road to the going out of business Scrapbook Xanaduo # 2. Reluctant again to answer because the name didn't come up on the phone. Another good friend living in KY, again more family. Called to say they were coming to town could we get together. Sure! Not great news on the part of our forner living arrangements. Sad really. But another potential field trip to CO in June. Yeah, love field trips and if means seeing mountains, why sure thing.

Probably going to get a million comments on this but nothing on the purse help. Friends help friends find purses.
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