Wednesday, May 31, 2006

unsatisfactory dinner

Last night it was raining when we were hoping to heat the grill so the grilled chicken became chicken bits in pasta salad. We've always had good experiences with the box of Kraft Italian Pasta Salad. It has saved the day for a number of meals but we opened the box and read the directions (its been a few years) and lo and behold, they've changed it. It used to be add some oil and water to the seasoning packet, not I need a bottle of Kraft Zesty italian dressing! Very angry. Of course I don't own Italian dressing so we did the best with what was around but really it turned out bland and nothing like we remember it. Sad day and two thumbs way down to the people at Kraft. Shame on them. @ seemed to enjoy it for the most part, he didn't want the green or red noodle but other than that he said it was ok.
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