Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Been booking a lot of travel lately and realizing how summer hasn't started but to some extent is over for us. We'll be moving sometime at the end of the summer and we're really praying about where, when, and how. Have some phone calls and emails to make about that. We really need a furnished place in IL but didn't ever get any nibbles in the winter. Praying something new turns up. I'm dreading packing and moving though. I think about it and it sends me back to those terrible 3 weeks in Nov/ Dec. Not the best move of our lives.

Reading "The Quiet American". love Graham Greene.

Thinking about marriage alot and the fact that I like mine. Listening to NPR alot in the car these days and wondering where the idea of marriage came from really. Is it a solely church concept? Did it come out of some wacky pagan tradition? Might look into it.

Laughing today at a show on daytime tv called "Passions", I think I didn't see the part where they said the name of the show. Anyway the storyline was something very DaVinci Code ish. Hilarious day time TV saves the pope, yep, pretty sure that's believable. And there was this woman that has either really scary or really beautiful blue eyes. I think they are the kind of eyes you see on X-Men characters. We normally only watch the mid day news so I don't know the show, I had to go listen to the Dixie Chicks interview on NPR's Fresh Air.
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