Saturday, July 22, 2006

A & the TCKs

So I'm staying with some friends in a house that has a dishwasher and a full kitchen. Most of our meals are through the retreat center so we don't use the kitchen a lot but we do have a lot of cups of coffee and and water glasses. So we've been filling the to rack of the dishwasher on a daily basis. Normally the housekeeper lady runs the dishwasher for us so questions don't come up. I tend to be a little bit mystified by the workings of a dishwasher; although it has gotten a lot better in the last six months. The thing that I have a question about now is the dishwasher tablet things. There are these little plastic packets of dishwasher stuff sitting on the window ledge. I got to looking at them and they just aren't terribly easy to open. So I looked around for scissors but at the same time I'm wondering if I just can't put that little plastic package in there and let the water take care of the melting. Makes sense right. Well I couldn't find scissors so I went to work trying to find another person that could help weigh in on the committee. At this same time one of our TCKs is walking in the door and he's getting ready to go to Univ. in the fall so this is something he really needs to learn. So together we decide that America is about convenience and no America suburban house mom is looking for scissor to open the little plastic packet of dishwasher stuff. She just doesn't have that much time. Another TCK came in during the discussion and she agreed, America is about convenience. So in the tablet went plastic covering and all.

Tomorrow we leave the retreat center so I pretty sure they won't be able to track any problems back to me specifically. I'll blame the TCK.

So in the way of updates, No the melting thing didn't work. The detergent door didn't open so the second time I tried with just powder it didn't work either. ended up running the machine a third time this time with the detergent door open and I think it worked. Who knows, 3 times through a dishwasher and everything is clean.
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