Sunday, July 30, 2006

wired in the Big D

So down in the big D for the wedding of a friends daughter. Don't know the daughter but the friends are really family. We were able to help them with all manner of things and now we are a little more tired, but golly it was a nice time. saw very little of texas or tyler for that matter but the time with family was worth it. Child free the whole weekend too. @ stayed home with grandma and it sounds like a good time really. A little sadness in the mornings when he woke up and mom and dad weren't there. first time we've ever really left him this long. But now on the way home. start packing next week for the big move to eiu land. looking forward to settling in a gain although i think this next week will be a long one. moving and goodbyes to fmily in Indy area. but new adventure in being a college family at eiu again.

anyway the big d, big stinkin' town no joke, texas shouls be bigger on the map it really is that big.

more about texas later.
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