Saturday, August 12, 2006

best day

See I tend to have a lot of these days so maybe we'll just develop a general category of BEST DAYS.

Today was the family reunion and @'s Birthday party. Terrific day really but really long. Jon's folks brought a dresser for us and a bunch of other stuff. We got to visit with all kinds of family we didn't know we had and they are actually biological family.

Great day for going outside with the kids and letting them play. Bunny had all kinds of things for the kids to do. Fun relays and balloon tosses.

Then off to the park for @'s birthday. Perfect weather. Not sweaty and yucky but a sweet breeze and the right amount of sun. We had pizza and the kid's played well together. @ blew out candles without touching them, he liked the Veggie Tales cake. The grown ups had nice time to visit while kids played on the toys and with these cool plasma cars.

@ didn't get a nap at all today but his behavior was exemplary. About 5 blocks from the house his little eyes were just about shot. We wiped him down, fed him a hand full of cheerios (a shout out to nutritious eating) and off to bed.

Jonathan and I are relaxing in a new apt. with a newly borrowed couch watching "Sports Night" a hilarious sitcom that just couldn't keep up with the networks. Acutally the networks loved it and wanted it but they couldn't find a good slot for it; that and it was on ABC back before people really watched shows on ABC. Funny show and somehow manages to be thoughtful at the same time.
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