Tuesday, August 08, 2006

inside our apt!!

One would assume that this would have pics from inside our apt but I haven't gotten that far. What I'm so excited about is that our apt is hot for internet! I am posting inside our house. This has never happened, we're always wandering around the neighborhood, going over to the church, but never at home. I told Jonathan that I want to watch those vote online shows just so that I can vote real time.

The apt. is lovely. A little snaffu with the dryer that will get worked out tomorrow. The realization that last time we were home I think I left my silverware at the moore's in blm. Unfortunate but easily survivable. Bought silverware today, the cheapy kind that is actually cheaper and only slightly more durable than disposable. Unpacked dishes I haven't seen in 3 years and realized that we really do have some nice stuff when its unpacked. Realized too how much stuff I sold in africa. Silliness. Mostly thankful to start settling for the first time after a busy summer.
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