Friday, September 01, 2006

mystery emails

I have a junk email address that I give out to mass mailers and subscription services. its the one that you check but you know that the serious stuff is going to come down that wire. When we were away, the NY Times sent the headlines to that account and I'd read through articles and try to stay current that way. Everyone has one of these addresses, right? The problem is that sometimes I just want the mail from a particular organization. I don't have the time to sit and read there whole website and I'd rather get a catalog to read through while doing other things. So I fill in my home address (by the way everyone should also have a permanent address where the real business goes to- the bank statements and bills- but they should also have a disposable mailing address- for the catalogs and junk). Fortunately we move every 6 months and so I have a lot of disposable addresses. So today I open my disposable email and I have an email from about their fall canoe trip that I can bring my family to. No clue who these people are or why they're inviting me to a canoe trip. So I have to go to the website. Illinois C? Home Educators. I think the C was something about community, no idea.

I've been checking into homeschooling lately, thinking it may become a realistic option for @. Certainly the kid is only 2 but I'm pretty sure the next 3 yrs. aren't in the US and I'm pretty sure that we should eventually look at preschool and kindergarten. Truly homeschooling preschool and kind. doesn't take a doctorate but I need to think. I'm very big into thinking things through for a while so that I know what's going on. Best advice from my advisor at Univ. "think through everything you want to happen. Write your plan, but think it all through." In my line of work (or what was) you don't have rehearsals and you're always going to feel better about the way things are going if you thought about what you want. No high hopes or expectations, it takes a lot of knowing who you are in real life and not who you think you might be.

Anyway I had a mystery email from that's really what I was saying...
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