Thursday, September 07, 2006

my french press

I like coffee makers. I've got way too many of them and they are the one thing that I constantly think I'd like another one of. Everyone is a little different. I admire the coffee makers other people have. These new ones with the stainless steel and the timers are just sexy (a word my neurology prof use to use to describe the brain). I purchased a Bodum French Press in January when we were in New Orleans visiting my sister. She didn't have a coffee maker and I thought it would be a good travel pot. I've wanted one since we lived in Africa and the power was always going out. The beauty of a french press is that you need hot water, that's it. So I put the coffee in the bottom and then pour boiling water over the top and wait a few minutes before I press the plunger. In Africa, I had a gas stove so even when the electric was out and my coffee pot wouldn't work I could get boiling water. I've been excited about traveling with my new french press but I've hit a snag. The little plastic piece that connects the plunger to the bar has come loose. Now when I press the plunger doesn't get a nice smooth motion and the grounds stay floating. I've put it in the box and got out the Gevalia thermos model (which was my previous fascination) but I want to make the Bodum work. Anyone know a secret to make it work again? I've checked the website to look at spare parts but apparently I have a new problem.
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