Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sky High

When we moved to Charleston, the cable was still hot so we had good tv for a change. Then they took away the cable when the students got back. We bought a set of bunny ears, that's what we had used in IN. With bunny ears in Charleston you get a bad reception of WEIU, you don't even really get it in enough to see the Seasame Street. I've found that @ is in love with Seasame Street and they do good things for him. So we got cable. They had a special deal for the first 6 months and we're only here 6 months and there's no obligation. We though simple basic, better deal to get the whole smear. We have ON DEMAND cable, which the guy had to explain to us twice. Now we check the ON DEMAND Channels for things that we may not have seen. Last night's offering was Sky High.

Sky High
is a surprisingly good movie. It has Kurt Russell in it and for me that normally means a not great movie. But this was funny and clean. Basic premise: children of super heros get ready to go to their freshman year of high school. There first task is to be tracked as superheros or sidekicks based on their superhero skills. Funniness and normal high school troubles ensue but with the twist of our parents are superheros.

There are no bad words or sex so watch it with your kids and in-laws. Its surprsingly good.
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