Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Glad Press n Seal

I don't know if I've said anything about it before but those people people at Glad deserve loads of credit. This Press n Seal business is genius. The folks who came up with it should go home and have happy lives because of press n seal. Its useful for everything under the sun and there's none of the fighting and shouting that goes into that silly cling wrap business. They should take cling wrap off the market its so aggrivating.

My hurricane sister also tells me that the Glad people were quite nice folks after Katrina also. She said they just gave away truckloads of stuff to people. All kinds Bags and those boxes. Mostly the trash bags were the big thing but to give away truck loads of the stuff is pretty great. Heaven knows my sister probably used a truck load of trash bags in the last year.

So everyone run to the store and by Glad Press N Seal and some of there other stuff too. Its the Press N seal that will really make your millenium though.
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