Friday, October 06, 2006


Today something simply astounding happened at our house: @ used the big boy potty. Its the first time. Jon and I thought we were still on the introductory stage but lo and behold we're in the try it out stage. "One small step for @ man, one giant leap for the household" (that's what he really said if you listen to the audio closely).

Yesterday, I narrowly missed a dog attack. Went for walk through neighborhood and rather large "hooch" type talk didn't like my presence on the sidewalk. He nipped at me and I tried calling for help to no avail. Fortunately another rather menacing looking dog had better things to do and they distracted one antoher while I speedwalked down the street.

@ and i went to Shelbyville IL today for a little trip through Scarecrow "Daze". Sadly it seems that it isn't a daytime event and so we enjoyed Forest Park instead. Pictures forth coming. A nice little lunch at "Just Like Grandma's" restaurant and we were ready for the trip home and a nice nap.

Comment forth coming on my thoughts on Starbucks and her problem with the ghetto.
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