Sunday, October 29, 2006

thinking about foreign aid

This Sunday morning we are going to late church and I had a few minutes to look through the NY Times headlines. They come to my inbox every morning but I don't always take a chance to look at them now that we are in the states and their are 24 hr. news channels.

Anyway this article on foreign aid caught my eye and thought I might share it. Its about US Aid to the world and the rules that govern it. It particularly focuses on condoms the US send in the form of foreign aid but I think it speaks to a larger question. The rules say something to the effect that foreign aid contracts bids should first go to US suppliers. Domestic companies fill aid orders. But what if the US company isn't the lowest bidder nor the best at filling the orders?

By the way, I've never been very good at the "ei" rules of spelling and the word foreign has always tripped me up.
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