Friday, January 26, 2007

Its not easy being our kid

So today we made the family trip to Public Health. Mom got typhoid pills. Dad got two shots and some pills. @ got 4 shots, because he's too young to get the pills. Yesterday we went to the library and checked out 5 books about where we're moving too so that @ could see pictures. We've been talking about it for a few weeks that we're going to move but our day is coming soon. @ gets to give away most of his toys and go find new friends in a country where he doesn't get the language. We're trying to prepare him for the move, the packing, the long flight, the settling in but what can you really do for a 2 year old to make him understand the changes that are coming. Presently we're babying him way too much, letting him lay still on the couch.
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