Thursday, January 25, 2007

tales of laundry day

So yesterday was laundry day. I throw laundry into the washer and it comes out clean. We're happy about that. Jonathan checks his pockets and I don't really use pockets so I don't really ever check pockets. Jonathan goes to leave the house yesterday morning and grabs his pocket litter but his phone is MIA. So we start looking and grab my phone to call his phone to aid in the search. After some minutes I suggest that perhaps its in the laundry. Jon stops the washer and swishes around, no phone. He leaves, comes back, and the washer has stopped. As I'm going through the washer, sure enough phone is sitting at the bottom of clean wet laundry. SIGH... we decide to let it dry out. Leave it for a day and maybe it'll be ok. I look at the manual and it says not to paint the phone or use it with wet hands but nothing about putting in the washing machine. This afternoon Jonathan plugs the phone in. It's charging light comes on. Just now we turned it on and Jonathan checked his messages and called my phone. Who says miracles don't happen?

Moral of the story: Don't paint your phone or use it with wet hands or take it apart; but its completely fine to throw it in with the darks on cold.
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