Thursday, January 04, 2007

second string

Slowly starting to load up the apt for another move. We're out at the end of the month and so it is time to make choices again. Admittedly we've gotten a little cluttered and to some extent never really unpacked. Today marks the pack of @'s second string toys; the guys that are not the "go to" guys. They are finding a home hopefully with needy kids, maybe in that life they will be the first string guys. Also packing @'s summer clothes into duffles, they'll be put away until we arrive at the final destination. Going to start to tackle the "stuff we have to keep" rubbermaids. All of the negatives from old rolls of film and sweet little this and thats, what to do with that stuff except store it? Seems silly to store stuff for purely sentimental reasons.

Still thinking about Mondo Beyondo though. One for sure so far.
- 8th grade proficiency in next language.
Considering I'm not starting the learning until March, this defines Mondo Beyondo.
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