Saturday, January 13, 2007


I've been cooking up the mondo beyond list for a week or so now. My little black book has some scratches about it. Let me share a few of them.

1. 8th grade proficiency in new language. Haven't started lessons yet and don't plan to until March so I think it fits the definition of mondo beyondo.

2. Learn Arabic or Chinese. Seriously, the idea that I would try not just one language but two is really out there. But I've always wanted to learn Arabic, it seems practical. Chinese does too but I think that is something I would also like for @, it has a future.

3. 2008 Beijing Olympics. Haven't thought about costs or travel but Jonathan mentioned it as a whim one morning in church (yeah, sometimes we whisper and its not always on topic). Immediately the idea took root in me and I haven't been able to let it go. We'll see.

4. Paint walls of my own house. I've painted walls for everyone else but never my own and oh how I have wanted to. Renting doesn't often allow you the luxury. I don't even know what color I would paint my own walls, purple maybe, but I know I want to paint them. Sigh, if only this wasn't mondo beyondo.

5. Tennis, Running or Biking. I've been thinking about getting back to these. I ran in college. I played tennis with Jon the first few years we were married (not well, he tolerates me). I biked all over our city in Africa. But it seems like a long time ago for any of them now.

6. Digital scrapbooking. I've no real scrapbooking talent, just a love of remembering in pictures. We've been blessed to see alot of places and it seems a waste not to take pics of them all. But my paper scrapbooking is a little space consuming, which may not be a problem in our future locales but certainly seems like one here.

7. Take a computer class. I fuss at the machine all the time. If it isn't outlook, its IE. Most recently IE took a download and updated itself, since then we can't get some websites to come up. We've gone through the diagnostics and IE says that it is the sites themselves that aren't working, but we can sometime get to them by going through other links. Sigh, I wish I knew.

8. Hacky sack. I'm going to learn to hacky sack. These guys that live in the next building over go out together and hacky sack. I admire the coordination of the thing, something I lack. Jonathan got me a hacky sack for christmas. I envision our family hacky sacking together. What's that they say about the family that hacky sacks together?

Other things I keep meaning to get to:
- Posting more photos.
- Switching to a new site, which I'm sure I just need to do but my style is to simmer over things for awhile.
- Read more books. Already I've taken some good steps on this. I've been reading in the morning and the evening again, which I haven't really done since we had @.
- Move only twice in a year, probably this can never be accomplished.
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