Sunday, January 21, 2007

SNOW, finally

We were getting a little worried. Normally you can count on a little measureable snow in Dec and early January. Here we are over half way through the month and we were beginning to wonder. @ needed a snow that he could play in. Last year he was too small to get it. He just thought we were a little nuts for putting him out in the cold wet. But we've been reading books and talking about it. Finally. We were so happy to throw open the blinds to our big window this morning and show @ the fun that awaits. After church we are going to borrow a sled from my mom's neighbors and let @ run. He doesn't have boots (didn't see the point of buying boots when we didn't think we would be here to use them) but I think plastic bags will do the trick until I get him a pair.

Off to snow fun. YAY
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