Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Product Reviews

We don't normally yell and scream about products here but in the course of the move, I've had a chance to meet some new products:

Glad Flex Force bags are a pretty great product. We like the people at Glad because they were nice to the folks during Hurricane Katrina. My sister told us nice things about them and likes to remind us to buy Glad because of their help. But the Force Flex bags... good stuff. I emptied the contents of the fridge door into the Force Flex bag and carried it to the dumpster. You can't do that with a regular bag.

Hefty One Zip Jumbo bags Yeah we like Glad but these storage bags are awesome for kid's toys. @ has all these bits that go with his fire trucks or jungles and they all store perfectly in these bags. We have a bag for each of the toy sets with pieces and it make clean up pretty nice. @ can work the slider on it and feels really rewarded by that. No one else has a slider bag that holds as much stuff and they are incredibly durable.

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