Friday, February 16, 2007


So except for about 1/2 a van load of stuff still at my mom's, we're out of the Charleston Apt. Surprisingly we were out on time. Cleaner than we found it too. Thursday made a big trip to Blm and moved things into the basement. Starting to go through some of that today.

The real let down of the move was that the thrift shops in Mattoon Charleston have some picky hours of accepting donations. So instead of taking things to thrift I ended up needing to make extra loads to my moms. I think we'll end up bringing everything to Goodwill here in Blm. Sad because I really wanted to be able to give those thing aways easily and quickly. Thrift in Mattoon Charleston won't take clothes at all. Really discouraging to find that throwing things away would be a hundred times easier than giving it away.

Good news today was that visas arrived by early UPS driver and plane tickets arrived in afternoon post. Glad that we have that motivation to get things packed away and packed up. Looking at somethings with new eyes too now that they are out of the apt. Put the coffee pot in the thrift pile. Its a nice pot still but it was free and at some point I need to make some reductions. What are the odds that I'm not buying another coffee pot the next time we are in the states? Next time maybe an espresso maker.
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