Monday, March 26, 2007

catching up

Some other idle thoughts that have been drifiting through my head.

- We have a fair sized house but the problem comes when you have to pull everything out from the wall at least 2 inches so that air can circulate behind it. Otherwise you get mold on your walls. The pull out method isn't sure fire, you may still get mold but it will probably take a little longer.

- I really like white boards. I think they are essential for a house.

- windows live messenger is brilliant! skype is too, I just haven't used it as much. But for real, this whole webcam live chat is where it is at. Free or cheap and you get to see the person. All of this is true if you have a good internet connection, which sometimes I don't.

- We have a really nice looking spider outside our living room window. jonathan believes she could be poisonous, but I know that no one named charlotte is poisonous. She's a good sized spider and I like to watch her work sometimes. The tree next to her also houses a lizard who has a yellow pop out neck when he breathes. That's what drew my attention the first time. The yellow looks like a leaf on a green stem.

- We have a family of geckos in our house. maybe their skinks. They eat our mosquitoes. I'm not bothered by them. The threat of mice and rats bothers me a lot but I have no reason to believe they are here.

-. I rode the bus with a bunch of girl scouts the other day. Fridays are uniform days for school kids here. So if they have a club or organization they wear that uniform. These particular girls all had brown uniforms and red hankerchiefs. Girls are giggly by nature when put together and its a little fun to watch them.

- Now about women: the women I have meant here so far are very reserved. Even when in small groups together still reserved. While we were in Africa I learned something about women. They would sit back and let the men kind of boss about but the real stuff was hashed out by the women. When they would come together in small groups they would go like you wouldn't believe. Loud, lots of laughing and exclaiming. That is when to communicate with them. Here, I don't know. I don't know if women ever let loose a little and laugh. I don't know that I've seen a woman laugh at anything other than a child. Maybe its a language thing. j

Being called to play trains with @. He's working on getting the bridge to stay up and he doesn't quite have the fine motor.
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