Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fair & Lovely

I have been working on several blogs in my head over the last week. Lots of observations. But for starter let me say something about Fair & Lovely .

This is a skin whitening cream that is quite popular in some parts of the world. When we lived in Africa it was all over the Middle East airwaves. The cream is supposed to lighten your skin color and the user is cautioned against sun exposure while using the product. However, the places this is popular are some really sunny places. Here for example is a very sunny place and women seem to flock to this product. These are otherwise really beautiful women. Lovely skin and complexions. You can tell the popularity of the product by the number of "night of the living dead" women you see. Yeah, the product works, it makes you white. But like sheet of paper white (I'm guessing this is pushing "overuse"). Scary white. Rush that woman to the hospital white. Typically the user only uses it on their face, so you know by looking at their lovely hands that they use to be humans.

So note to the world: Fair and lovely does not leave you looking lovely. It may leave you fair, if by fair you mean scary looking. But lovely is no where near. Leave your skin alone, it is that way for a reason. Wash it, take good care of it. But you got to love the skin your in. (that's from a portion of Elmo's world on Seasame Street).
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