Wednesday, March 14, 2007

did I become a Tupperware lady?

Tuesday we did handphones, a trip to the bank and more shopping. Wednesday morning, more shopping and I think I became a tupperware lady. No joke. It seems tupperware is pretty popular here and it isn't old stuff. My friend brought a book she had from her tupperware lady thought I'd like to place an order maybe. Of course, cheap plastic that I'll have to replace or the top of the line? Given that mildew and bugs are real common it's an easy choice. So i went through the book and picked out the stuff I really needed. Then she says you could become a member and save 20% on each order and get a bunch of free member gifts. I did the math and the gifts they were giving just about totaled the membership fee not to mention the discount. Well wednesday morning we went out looking for some plastics and lo and behold the first shop we walked into had tupperware on the shelf with a 20% discount. So I pick up what I wanted and then tell her I'm looking for these other things. She tells me her rep is around the corner and if I wait I can still become a member and get 30% off and the free gifts. Long and short I come home with a dozen pieces of brand new tupperware and a gym bag full of books and gifts. Funny thing, its all in the local language, except the product names, the descriptions and everything are local language. So I ended up buying a language lesson as well.
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