Wednesday, March 21, 2007

language school

Second day of language school and I'm feeling happy and confident. With our last language we never had the luxury of school, so having this time to learn and make mistakes. I'm not getting the daily practice that the homework says (15 talking partners a day, at least 5 new) but I'm getting some good potty training done for @. I think that should count for something.
@ has gotten so that he goes everytime in the right spot so long as his pants are left off. Got to work on the pulling down part.
This is a photo from a few days ago at the local dept. store. The grocery area on the 5th floor has a game area. @ gets a ride after we're done with the shopping and then he can sit on as many of them as he wants. Its something like .20 cents so I'm ok with splurging on that. The dept. store is a pretty freaky place otherwise. Really loud and really oddly laid out.

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