Tuesday, March 06, 2007

from singapore

working hard at the moment on just spelling. incredibly long trans- pacific flights. LAX is by far the most boring international airport we have ever been in. 12 hours in the international terminal can make you question a lot. reminded us both profoundly of frankfurt's dungeonesque airport. boring, apparently built by communists very concerned about money.

Singapore Airlines is wonderful. Their economy class seats are not a bad place to be. That and the women are gorgeous. I could sit and watch them all day.

Got to singapore, no flight at the moment to points beyond. We're waitlisted for tomorrow's late night flight. With all 8 of our bags.

@ passed out while we were arranging a hotel and transport (I love our stroller). Jonathan showered and passed out. I walked to the internet cafe and their is a corner in the shop that is beginning to look very attractive. probably a sign i need to get back to the hotel.

I do love this city though, what a beautiful place to live.

more on our adventures later, maybe with pics.
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