Tuesday, February 27, 2007

mixed blessings

After 3 phone calls to United today finally spoke with a human. The computer couldn't answer my question and said it would transfer me and my information to an agent, then it hung up on me. Anyway talked to an agent and found out that because we start our travel with United we fall under their luggage allotment of 50 lbs even though Singapore allows 70 lbs. Sigh. Which means that 5 of my 6 are overweight and means I need to plan for at least one more bag and probably two because I have odds and ends.

Of course the blessing in all of this is that hauling around 50lb bags is way better than hauling around 70lb bags. I can live with 2 extra bags that are lighter. Extra good news is that I think their excess luggage fee is a little cheaper than it use to be.

My clever husband's work of the day has been to figure our taxes. Normally we have foriegn earned income and we pretty much slide through the whole process. This year we have to do math. Stink.
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