Friday, March 09, 2007

home again home again

Finally arrived in our home today. The last few days have had a few misadventures. Our flight on Wednesday went off just fine. Bumpy and delayed but fine. The airline had put in extra safety checks which amounted to delays and we flew into a thunder storm. But really fine.

Thursday was reporting to the police station. We have 24 hours within entry to get to the police and register. No problems, just slow and long. Sleepy is how i would characterize thursday. Disappointment was getting to our house in the evening and the power being off. That meant another hotel night for us. But Friday found us with power and a full day of shopping for household things. I'm now the owner of a washing machine, rice cooker (so strange being from the midwest), an iron, 2 fans, a whole bunch of silly looking dishes (remind me to mention this again), a water filter, and some second hand flowers. There was a reception at the local school and they brought me some of the flowers from the reception.

My camera battery needs to be charged, then I'll get pictures up.
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