Sunday, March 11, 2007

the view from the door

Sorry this has taken so long to get up. Between no power and no internet we've been kind of in a bind. I think we are getting things worked out now, although we are back to life with slow internet.

This is what we see outside our house. Its going to be a branch campus of the Muslim University in town. The building is finished we think but it looks like they are still working on the fence and the gates. No students yet. It really is a lovely building though. We expect our road to get busier this summer.
This is a shot from our hotel room in Singapore. We always take a family picture from our hotel rooms, not sure why. I suppose because we always feel its something of a miracle when we finally get to a place we can rest in the midst of travel. I'll post a few more pictures from Singapore and Taipei over at Not as daily.
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