Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sales Reps, Teachers among the most in demand

This from MSNBC and Manpower. And certainly I remember the need for very specific types of teachers. Alot of Special Ed. Teachers because the turnover rate is huge. But at the same time teaching demands a lot of schooling and keeping up with regulations and that's before entering the classroom to teach. I love teaching and think its a wonderful career but they sure don't make it easy. I can't say that I'd rather be a trucker or a mechanic but I think perhaps they might be a lot easy to maintain a job in. MSNBC doesn't come along several times a year and find faults with what your doing and declare that "America's mechanics just don't add up". Congress doesn't convene subcommittees to investigate the break downs in America's auto shops. I suppose there are problems with all kinds of jobs but you hear alot more about the one's in teaching.
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