Saturday, April 21, 2007

our break

Its been kind of a slow break for us. @ didn't seem to want us both at home at the same time for the first day or so. He was a bit of crab and we spent Wednesday and Thursday wondering what was going on that he was tantruming. Sigh... could it be culture shock. Could it be adjusting to new bedtimes, languages, daily schedules, food; all combined with being 2 1/2? Yeah, probably. We also have to factor in the sliding scale of discipline in our house. Jonathan and I are on the same page, sadly Ibu (our houseworker) is not. With her letting him do whatever whenever, we find ourselves in an uphill battle. @ wanted an Oreo an hour before lunch, yep, no problem. @ threw all of his toys and books, yep, she'll pick them up. My all time favorite, I walk into our room close the door and change clothes (2 minutes), @ has climbed into the bookshelf cabinet, with her help! When would any of these things be acceptable behavior? So I'm on the plan now of @ never leaves my sight to be with her alone. He knows that everything goes when Ibu is around so he tries everything. Can't blame him really for throwing a fit when he thought he had different sets of rules. Working with Ibu on saying "No" and "Stop".

Jonathan got to spend his break fixing more door knobs and fixing the gas hook up to our water heater. Everything in our house seems to be a few minutes or a twist and turn from breaking. Its hard on Jonathan but it does mean that he gets to use tools a lot.

Saturday we went swimming at a local hotel. They have a covered roof top pool. Very cool. Truly it was cold in the water but @ and Jonathan had a fun time splashing. We lounged and relaxed. Had the pool to ourselves for the most part. Really nice day and the payoff @ napped when we got home. Napping has also been in short supply for @. Genuinely nice Saturday. We had gotten our real kid back and not the moody one we had had during the week.

Presently our good boy is throwing his letter puzzle out of the rubbermaid to make way for his body. He loves playing in the rubbermaid containers and he can't get the lid snapped down so he's safe.

Have some commentary I've been thinking on about my "Extending the Table" cookbook, my sister Gretchen adopting kids, the ins and outs of language learning, and PBS/ Seasame Street but I think I'll save that for another post.
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