Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Taking @ to another day of preschool this morning and I'm hoping the driver doesn't come until 7:15. Monday he came at 6:45, who in their right mind would take a 2 year old to preschool at 6:45?

Presently, Jonathan's reading about "Alexander's horrible, terrible, no good very bad day" at least I think that is the title.

Somethings I've been noticing:
- I have more grey hair than I did a couple of months ago. How did that happen? It is no longer confined to a few spots on the top but I'm pretty sure its throughout my hair. Sigh. I have no plans to do anything about this and if I ever do I promise I know I have brown hair. I've never fooled myself saying that I have red or blond highlights. I have decidedly brown hair.

- Jonathan is going to climb kilimanjaro (you don't have to be able to spell it) for his 40th birthday. Which I think is fine and wonderful. I don't think I want to but I'll take the trip back home to places north and wander and see old friends. I'll have a fresh passport by then so maybe it will be ok. But I was thinking, what do I want to do for my 40th birthday? Don't really know. About a million different things.

Other odds and ends I'll surely post over the next few days but presently I need to go get ready for preschool. Not sure how I feel about it. Early Childhood Ed is something I have strong opinions about and I'm not sure how they are measuring up. Not sure if its cultural difference or they just don't do it the way I think it should be done. Think it could be the very stilted english they use when no one else in the room uses english. I haven't heard any of the kids use english but still the instruction is in English. My response, ditch the english and go with the kids mother tongue, instead of giving dual directions. They aren't doing it for my benefit, they use english regardless. Not sure how I feel about that
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