Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a few more songs

The songs in my class are better learning lessons all of the time. Today's song roughly translated:

Where, where is my kid goat?
My kid goat ran to the edge of the village.
Where, where is the love of my heart?
The love of heart with the pointed nose.
Maricha of my village.

Little tidbit of knowledge from this song: We find women with pointed noses more preferable and beautiful. In Africa where we lived, women with a good sized gap between their two front teeth were considered more beautiful and desireable.

Yesterday's song a sweet little song about the love of your hometown or village.

Village which I love and adore in my heart.
Place of father and mother and extended family
Not easy to forget, not easy to separate
Always I miss you village which is green (lovely).

Remember these are translations and so they sing a lot better in their written language. Still the idea translates.

Although I do sometimes miss my home, I have neither a gap in my teeth or a pointed nose.
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